A Letter to Jimmy Wales – Point one (Extract)

A Letter To Jimmy Wales: From 1984 to 2017 (Polis)

“A Place in the World” an Award Winning Novel by Cinda Crabbe MacKinnon: a Critical Review.

by Rina Brundu. The geographical and cultural background of the award winning novel “A Place in the World” (2013) by Cinda Crabbe MacKinnon is a country where “The drug cartels exceeded the violence of the guerrillas and bandits…. Read More

The Migrant Child – A Poem

The Gift Giver. A short story by…

Rina Brundu. Fräulein Katja, my lipstick, please! I couldn’t do without a D&G “serious shot of color” on my lips! “Cherry-lips” that’s what Michael used to call me, or was it John? John, who?  Merryweather?  Perhaps.  I’ll be… Read More

A letter from Israel after the terror attack at Jerusalem Synagogue

Forward: Canadian-born Janice Weizman has lived in Israel for the past 30 years. She is the author of The Wayward Moon, a historical novel set in the 9th century Middle East, which came out in 2012 with Yotzeret… Read More

The Nobel Prize in Literature awarded to Stephen King: WHEN?

I do not believe there would be any science at all without intuition. (Rita Levi Montalcini, 1902-2012, 1986 Nobel Prize in Phisiology or Medicine)

Does Castro’s Cuba still exist? An interview with writer Gordiano Lupi

by Rina Brundu. Gordiano Lupi, Italian writer and publisher, has been for several years the Italian translator of the Spanish language blog Generation Y, a blog owned by a Cuban dissident of Castro politics, Yoani Sanchez. Following their recent artistic… Read More

My father Giovannino: an exclusive interview with Mr Alberto Guareschi

by Rina Brundu. There are no more than two statements which we can regard as true: 1) we are all doomed to die, 2) Italy has never been the birthplace of great writers. But while the first has been… Read More

Samia Yusuf Omar’s Italian dream. An interview with Teresa Krug of Al Jazeera

by Rina Brundu. Today (1) the Italian paper Corriere della Sera reported the death of the young Somalian sprinter Samia Yusuf Omar (2), as told by athlete and countryman Abdi Bile. Samia – who during the 2008 Summer Olympics… Read More