Rina Brundu – Critique

Five reasons for which the EU should shutdown a dangerous site like Wikipedia now!

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A Letter to Jimmy Wales – Point one (Extract)

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A Letter To Jimmy Wales: From 1984 to 2017 (Polis)

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“A Place in the World” an Award Winning Novel by Cinda Crabbe MacKinnon: a Critical Review.

indexcby Rina Brundu. The geographical and cultural background of the award winning novel “A Place in the World” (2013) by Cinda Crabbe MacKinnon is a country where “The drug cartels exceeded the violence of the guerrillas and bandits. Cocaine ruled, and drug lord Pablo Escobar was feared throughout the country”; a country which “has been at war with both the Marxist guerrillas and left wing paramilitary for decades, but the violence since the 70’s escalated with the drug trade”; a country in which “In 1989 President Galan was assassinated and two presidential candidates killed”; a country where coffee fincas (farms) can be easily and unexpectedly put out of business by acid rain from powerful volcanic eruptions… But it is also a country of decent and good-natured people, unspeakable beauty, and a paradise for botanists and geologists the world over who in its interior can enjoy all “maravillas” of the real jungle. This country is Colombia. Read More

The Migrant Child – A Poem

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The Gift Giver. A short story by…

giftRina Brundu. Fräulein Katja, my lipstick, please! I couldn’t do without a D&G “serious shot of color” on my lips! “Cherry-lips” that’s what Michael used to call me, or was it John? John, who?  Merryweather?  Perhaps.  I’ll be damned if I remember his family name, It was long ago anyway, shortly after World War II. Also, my heart belonged to Mr. Greenwood at that time.

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Amnesty International – Urgent action: Raif faces another 950 lashes.

Raif BadawiRaif Badawi was publicly flogged, receiving 50 lashes after Friday prayers on 9 January. Raif was escorted from a bus and placed in the middle of the crowd, guarded by eight or nine officers in front of the al-Jafali mosque in Jeddah. He was handcuffed and shackled but his face was not covered – everyone could see his face. Read More

A letter from Israel after the terror attack at Jerusalem Synagogue


Forward: Canadian-born Janice Weizman has lived in Israel for the past 30 years. She is the author of The Wayward Moon, a historical novel set in the 9th century Middle East, which came out in 2012 with Yotzeret Publishing. The novel won both a gold medal in the Independent Publisher awards, and a second gold medal in the Midwest Book Awards. Her writing has appeared in Lilith, Jewish Fiction, The Jerusalem Report, and other publications. She is the founder and managing editor of The Ilanot Review, an online literary journal affiliated with Bar-Ilan university. After my first interview to Janice – the occasion was the awarding of Literature Nobel Prize 2013 to Canadian writer Alice Munro – we kept in touch and we hear from each other from time to time. Here below I am publishing my last email-exchange with her, following the dramatic attack of yesterday on Jerusalems’ Synagogue, a dreadful blast in which 4 rabbis have lost their lives “Aryeh Kopinsky, 43 years old, Avraham Shmuel Goldberg, 68 years old, Calman Levine, 55 years old , and Moshe Twersky, 59 years old.
Rina Brundu, in Dublin, 19th November 2014

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The Nobel Prize in Literature awarded to Stephen King: WHEN?

I do not believe there would be any science at all without intuition.

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Does Castro’s Cuba still exist? An interview with writer Gordiano Lupi

by Rina Brundu. Gordiano Lupi, Italian writer and publisher, has been for several years the Italian translator of the Spanish language blog Generation Y, a blog owned by a Cuban dissident of Castro politics, Yoani Sanchez. Following their recent artistic break up – I have asked Gordiano a few questions about the actual motives that led their friendship to such an unhappy end as well as about the political status quo of modern Cuba. Read More